How do you know if it’s the right time to change your roof?

A good and reliable roof is something that no one can deny its importance. The roof’s strength is significant as it is the primary shelter against the outside elements and all the other things for the people living inside the house.

A good roof can give you around 50 years of perfection and protection, but if you take good care of it and maintain it well, you will add more years to its life.

Changing a roof now and then is impossible for you, but caring for it is quite possible. All you have to do is to pay a visit to the top once every month and check if everything is fine: the gutters are working well, there is no growth of algae or moss, the branches of the trees around and the other debris is not effecting the view, etc.

With all this, you can also have a good roof and an excellent protective layer on your head. But there comes a time when your roof calls for a change, and you must install a new one instead of the older one. So, how do you know if you want a new roof?

The O’Fallon Roofer and similar companies can help you much in these matters as they are trained professionals and they know exactly how to deal with roofs and how to get rid of the roof that is no longer working well.


On the other hand, you can inspect the roof yourself, and if you find any of the following signs, you can go for the re-roofing of the house.

  • Roof leaks

If your roof cannot prevent the leaks from appearing, it is now time to change it. You can look for the water streaks on the inner side of the roof and the walls to know where the leaks are present.

  • Roof cracks

With time, cracks start appearing on the roof both inwards and outwards. This is when it is challenging to keep the old roof as it is getting dangerous.

  • Growth of algae

If you are trying to keep the roof clean, but the growth of algae, fungi, moss, and mold is not ending, the top is calling it off for further use, and you should now change to the new one.

  • Roof rot or decay

many issues with the roof can lead to the rotting or the decaying of the base. This can be alarming, and you must replace the roof immediately.

  • Poor energy efficiency

The better the roof is insulated, the better energy efficiency it can provide. But if you constantly have high energy bills, it means the roof is no longer efficient in terms of energy and needs replacement.

  • Outdated roof

The old-fashioned, outdated roof that has completed more than the necessary years of life should also be replaced before it’s too late.

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